Corporate Awards Motivate Employees

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Employees don’t just work for money. That much should be obvious today, but sometimes we forget it. There are numerous ways to motivate your employees, sometimes something as simple as a word of thanks is all that is needed. Sometimes something, more lasting, like corporate plaques, is better.

Corporate awards offer employees recognition. Throughout history, recognition has encouraged people to work harder, and perform better. Today, when increasing numbers of employees work from home or are otherwise almost invisible to their peers, recognition is even more important. Corporate awards, as tokens of that recognition, can have many positive effects on employees.


Reciprocity is a well-known principle in sales. If I give you something, you feel you owe me something, hence the popularity of giving out ‘free’ samples. The actual value of the award is unimportant; the act of giving the reward encourages a feeling of reciprocity in the receiver, encouraging greater loyalty and harder work.
This is particularly so if the award is something tangible and permanent. A cash bonus, for example, is not something that the recipient will see in future, depending of course, what the spent it on. Permanent awards such as trophies or plaques are permanent reminders. Normally they will sit somewhere visible and remind the recipient that they have been recognized by their employer. That recognition promotes loyalty.

Competition and Teamwork

That public recognition and the visible, physical, nature of awards can be useful for encouraging competition. Others may work harder, intending to achieve the same level of recognition. Visible awards, located on or near the winner’s desk, are motivators for other employees. Even in our more cynical world today, most of us crave recognition.

Conversely, the use of awards can also encourage teamwork. Obviously, awards can be given to a team as much as to an individual.  Beyond that, though, the giving of awards can assist in the development of a team spirit. The first, and simplest way, is to make the presentation of an award a social event involving other employees. Social events, where they break from the normal routine of work, are known to increase team loyalty and a greater personal investment in the company.