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Great Deals on Softball Trophies.  Whether you are looking for girls softball trophies or are in search of softball trophies for a recreational league, at Gold Medallion Awards, we carry a huge selection of softball trophies and awards.  Choose from medals, awards, and trophies in various shapes and sizes.  We invite you browse our online selection and to enjoy our wholesale pricing on softball trophies and discounted shipping on specific orders.  As the industry’s premier supplier of trophies and awards for over 30 years, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service. 

Products in Softball

HR 700 Softball Medal
Base Price $4.25
 Clear Flame Sculpted Ice
Base Price $4.75
SV Clear Standing  Oval
Base Price $5.00
SV Black/Gold Standing Oval
Base Price $5.25
 Baseball T-Ball Trophy
Base Price $6.00
SB02 Softball Competitor Trophy
Base Price $6.00
SB03 Softball on Fire Trophy
Base Price $6.00
Sculpted Ice Black Star
Base Price $6.00
SB033 Softball Star Trophy
Base Price $6.50
6 inch Sapphire Blue Star Sculpted Ice
Base Price $7.00
SB06 Softball Particpant Trophy
Base Price $7.00
 Sport Keychain
Base Price $7.50
6" Color 3-Star Softball Spinning award
Base Price $7.50
SB01 Softball Glove Trophy
Base Price $7.50
As Low as 7.16 Black Ice
Base Price $7.95
8"  Star Torch Stand Award
Base Price $8.00
Roman Column Award
Base Price $8.00
SB07 Softball Spinner Trophy
Base Price $8.00
6 inch Softball Sport Shield Award
Base Price $8.25
6" Tri Star Softball Trophy
Base Price $8.50
"New" Softball Ball Trophy
Base Price $9.00
6" Softball Happy Cup Trophy
Base Price $9.00
SB08 Softball Spin Trophy
Base Price $9.50
SBfame Softball Flame Trophy
Base Price $9.50
SB11 Softball Stars Spin Trophy
Base Price $10.00
SB12 Softball Spin Ball Trophy
Base Price $10.00
 Banner Style Trophy
Base Price $10.45
5 inch Softball Little Pal Resin
Base Price $10.50
SB04 Softball Dude Trophy
Base Price $11.00
SB16 Softball Reward Trophy
Base Price $11.00
Varsity Sport Resin Softball
Base Price $11.25
5 1/2" Softball Triad Resin
Base Price $11.85
V Series Softball Sport Resin
Base Price $11.99
"NEW" Softball DuraResin™ Figure
Base Price $12.00
"New" Softball Ignite Resin Award
Base Price $12.00
SB01-2 Softball Glove
Base Price $12.00
SB10 Softball Pinnacle Trophy
Base Price $12.00
Base Price $12.00 $6.00
NEW    5 1/2" Softball Tri Star Resin
Base Price $12.45
MS108/208 Softball Midnight Star Resin
Base Price $12.90
NEW  Softball Ribbon Resin
Base Price $12.95
NEW Xploding Female Softball Resin
Base Price $13.00
Softball Jazz Star Resin
Base Price $13.25
BCR 107/207  Softball Broadcast Resin
Base Price $13.80
HDL107/207 Softball  Headline Resin
Base Price $13.80
Softball Banner Resin
Base Price $13.80
NEW   7 inch Infinity Star Resin
Base Price $14.00
  6 1/2" Softball Trophybands Resin
Base Price $14.40
Fanfare Softball Resin
Base Price $14.85
Female Softball Super Star Resin
Base Price $15.00