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Wholesale Pricing for Basketball Trophies.  Gold Medallion Awards is your premier supplier of basketball trophies for teams of all ages.  Our huge inventory of basketball trophies includes trophies of various sizes, colors and heights.  Browse our affordable online selection or visit our showroom in San Diego to choose the basketball trophies and awards for your sports team.  Our trophies come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and we happily accommodate online orders with fast turnaround times and shipping to locations nationwide.

Products in Basketball

HR 710 Basketball Medal
Base Price $4.25
 Clear Flame Sculpted Ice
Base Price $4.75
SV Clear Standing  Oval
Base Price $5.00
SV Black/Gold Standing Oval
Base Price $5.25
BAS02 Basketball Competior Trophy
Base Price $6.00
Sculpted Ice Black Star
Base Price $6.00
Silhouette Basketball Trophy
Base Price $6.00
6 inch Sapphire Blue Star Sculpted Ice
Base Price $7.00
BAS06 Basketball Particpant Trophy
Base Price $7.00
BAS03 Basketball Dude Trophy
Base Price $7.50
As Low as 7.16 Black Ice
Base Price $7.95
8"  Star Torch Stand Award
Base Price $8.00
BAS10 Basketball Spinner Trophy
Base Price $8.00
Roman Column Award
Base Price $8.00
Banner Style Basketball Trophy
Base Price $8.25
BAS15 Basketball Single Column Trophy
Base Price $8.50
 Basketball All Star Resin
Base Price $8.95
4 1/4 inch Basketball Wreath Resin
Base Price $8.99
6" Basketball Happy Cup Trophy
Base Price $9.00
BAS05 Basketball Motion Trophy
Base Price $9.45
BASflame Basketball Flame Trophy
Base Price $9.50
NEW Blaze Sport Resin Basketball
Base Price $9.75
Basketball in hoop resin 3 1/4
Base Price $10.00
 Banner Style Trophy
Base Price $10.45
5 inch Basketball Little Pal Resin
Base Price $10.50
Sport Star Basketball Trophy
Base Price $10.50
BAS08 Basketball Reward Trophy
Base Price $11.00
BAS12 Basketball Triumph Trophy
Base Price $11.00
Varsity Sport Resin Basketball
Base Price $11.25
5 1/2" Basketball Triad Resin
Base Price $11.85
 V Series Basketball Sport Resin
Base Price $11.99
"NEW"Basketball DuraResin™ Figure
Base Price $12.00
BAS04 Basketball Spin Ball Trophy
Base Price $12.00
BAS07 Basketball Pinnacle Trophy
Base Price $12.00
NEW 5 1/2" Basketball Tri Star Resin
Base Price $12.45
NEW   Sun Ray Economy Award Basketball
Base Price $12.48
Basketball on base 4
Base Price $12.75
MS102/202 Basketball Midnight Star Resin
Base Price $12.90
NEW Basketball Ribbon Resin
Base Price $12.95
All Star Basketball Resin Figure
Base Price $13.00
BAS09 Basketball Shooting Star Trophy
Base Price $13.00
Female Basketball Xploding Resin
Base Price $13.00
Male Basketball Xploding Resin
Base Price $13.00
Orange Basketball on Base 4
Base Price $13.05
 Basketball Jazz Star Resin
Base Price $13.25
Basketball Wreath Resin 6
Base Price $13.50
Basketball Banner Resin
Base Price $13.80
BCR102 /202 Basketball Broadcast Resin
Base Price $13.80
HDL102/202 Basketball Headline Resin
Base Price $13.80
6 1/2" Basketball Trophybands Resin
Base Price $14.40