Advantages of a Glass Plaque Award

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When it comes to awards for employees and colleagues, there is a huge choice today. At the simplest level, there is money. A little above that, there are gift cards and points systems, which are just money in a slightly fancier form. None of these, however, are lasting. Money gets spent and forgotten. A permanent, physical, award is much more lasting. But even if you decide to give a physical object of some sort, there are still several different items to choose from. One of the most useful, however, is the engraved glass plaque. Not only it looks good, but it also has several practical advantages.


A glass plaque award has all the advantages of a certificate, combined with the permanence of something physical. You can put, essentially, whatever you want on it. This is an extremely personalize award. Whereas some traditional trophies have a small place for a name or a date, the entire surface of the glass plaque is available for information. You can make the award as specific or as general as you wish, and you can certainly make it personalized, with clear dating, and the name of the recipient.


A glass plaque award is a durable item. A paper or cardboard certificate, no matter how well it is looked after, will suffer over time. Likewise, a metal award, unless properly maintained, will begin to show its age. An engraved glass plaque requires very little maintenance to look as good as the day it was presented.

Easy to Display

Some other award options can take up a lot of space, or be difficult to display, but a glass plaque award is easy to mount above or next to a desk. These are the sorts of awards that can be mounted in the office and displayed for visitors and customers. Having the awards on open display in the office makes them more memorable, and more likely to influence both the employees and any visitors.