Places to Have an Award Ceremony for Former or Active Military

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Where to Host a Ceremony for Military Personnel in San Diego, CA

Holding an award ceremony for one or more people who are active or ex-military can be a challenge. Perhaps the biggest obstacle to such a ceremony would be where to hold it. Thinking about all of the different possibilities could have you feeling overwhelmed. However, your choice of location will be made easier if you have a plan in place. Naturally, this plan should not only address the ceremony itself but also the type of activities involved when presenting military plaques. San Diego residents and people all across the country should consider the following venues for awarding active or ex-military.

A Field or Pasture

Fields have a lot of open space and are a good venue for rural communities. Professional photographers always have an active part in an award ceremony, so the fact they seem to gravitate toward rural environments for their photos makes the setting an added plus. This option is also a great way to pay homage to veterans who have a background in agriculture.

High School Football Stadium

Holding a military function at a high school stadium can serve a multitude of purposes. First of all, if the active or ex-military individual has a coaching background, he or she may feel additional fulfillment. From an aesthetic point of view, a football stadium can offer a great central focus on the military member being honored. A stadium is also great for displaying a military ensemble or color guard or using festive decorations such as balloons, banners, and floral decorations.

Large Auditorium

In many ways, an auditorium is the best place to hold a military function because these spaces are often engineered well, giving attendees a great view of the main event. Moreover, a large auditorium often has great acoustics. The only drawback would be that certain activities such as releasing balloons would be better suited to an outdoor environment. On the other hand, auditoriums are likely to offer extra accommodations for disabled individuals.

These are just a few of the options for a military ceremony honoring a beloved veteran. There are many other spaces that could make the ceremony as unique as the person who served. Make sure the location fully fits the personality of the person or people being honored. Don’t make the planning any harder than it should be. Just use your imagination.

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