Recognition Trophies as Office Motivators

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Trophies and awards are sometimes seen, in a cynical modern world, as being useless. This is not true. Recognition trophies have a positive role in many ways.

Increase Productivity

If there is a clear goal, such as meeting a tight deadline, or certain sales targets, the promise of recognition tends to motivate employees to meet these goals. Knowing that their work will be recognized, and that the extra effort will be marked, will motivate workers to increase their productivity. Recognition trophies, as a means of marking their activities, can act as a strong motivator. Increased productivity can, thus, be recognized and encouraged.

Increase Loyalty

Loyalty to the company, and office morale, are both strong drivers of increased production. Recognition awards are one means of driving this mindset among employees. When workers see their work being recognized by their managers and bosses, they have a stronger feeling for their company and are likely to have greater loyalty and commitment to it.

Recognition is the Key

Employees are normally willing to work harder if they feel they are part of something, and that their contribution to the company is understood and recognized by those above them. Recognition trophies are one clear and strong way in which that recognition can be made clear. It is not only a way of recognizing the employee’s contribution to the employee themselves, but a public means of recognition that can be celebrated with an award ceremony. Its physical nature means that they stay on display, and continue to reinforce employee behavior beyond that actual act of awarding. If they are on display in the workplace itself, they can act as a motivator for other employees, showing that hard work is recognized, and giving them something to strive for.

Good for Office Reputation

Their physical and visible nature also means that they are useful when visitors, including clients, call. The public display of such awards show clients that the employees in this location are considered important by their employers, and that the employees in this office do work that is deserving of recognition. Thus, the client is more likely to have a positive feeling for this office.

Easy to Source

With modern technology it is easy to source suitable awards that meet the needs of the company and the individual. In most cases it is possible to order custom trophies online. Given their benefits, the small outlay is certainly worth it.