How to Determine If Your Employee Is Worthy of an Award

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How to Decide If Your Employee Deserves an Award in San Diego, CA

Recognizing your employees for their achievements is a great way to incentivize them to do more great work. On the other hand, you should also be careful not to give awards and accolades too freely, or they cease to have real meaning or value. In addition, sometimes bonuses or other perks are more appropriate, so it can also be difficult to determine when to give your employees recognition for their achievements and when to give them a bonus, perk, or other type of reward such as trophies or plaques. Here are a few times you might want to give your employee an award. 

Truly Stellar Accomplishments 

There may be times your employees have a great quarter or year or exceed expectations, and there may also be times when they overcome several great obstacles, challenges, and hurdles to do it. You may have an employee who performs well beyond expectations even while going through a personal hardship, or another employee who was perhaps on the brink of being fired before turning around and exceeding all previous expectations. When an employee delivers a truly spectacular performance, it is worth recognition. 


Perhaps an employee has been with you 10 years or has been your top salesperson for 5 years running. Commemorating important milestones is the perfect time to give hardworking employees the recognition they truly deserve. For instance, acrylic awards are a great way to recognize employee milestones.

Faithful Service 

Sometimes, the people who are the most deserving of recognition are the ones who receive it rarely. Your business or company most likely has several nearly invisible support staff who keep your organization running and functioning while your rising stars and superstar sales staff reap all the credit. The most important contributions of some of your most valuable employees can’t be measured with statistics or metrics. The IT person who keeps your network up and running on a shoestring budget or the receptionist who has saved more than one important client from jumping ship deserve just as much recognition as your biggest money makers. 

Community Service or Heroic Act 

Your employees are more than just employees. They are also people who have lives outside the office, and what they do outside of the working environment can have just as big of an impact on your workplace as what they do inside of it. If your employees become involved in a scandal, it could have a direct effect on your business, so you should honor employees who conduct themselves well outside of the workplace. After all, the same way scandalous behavior could have a negative effect on your business, stellar achievements may have a positive impact on your business, which is worthy of recognition.

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