What Are the Differences Between Acrylic & Glass Awards?

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Awards, plaques, medals, trophies, cases, and other commemorative items can be made of just about any material. Two of the most popular materials for awards are glass and acrylic compounds. Both have certain characteristics that set them apart despite looking similar, and people typically prefer one over the other. Beyond personal preference, choosing between acrylic and glass is always easier when you know the differences between these two materials. 

Acrylic Awards 

Quite a few awards given to young students for athletic or academic achievements are made of acrylic, which happens to be very durable. In many cases, standard acrylic molds cut down on the cost of fabrication, which makes them easier on the wallet. While they are not completely unbreakable, they do not shatter easily. Acrylic awards are ideal for school districts, youth sports programs, and private academies. 

Glass Awards 

For many people, glass is a more elegant choice in terms of aesthetics and texture. Whereas acrylic pieces feel like plastic to the touch, glass feels cool and delicate. Depending on the order and quantity, glass awards tend to cost more than those made from acrylic molds, but they are fragile and will almost certainly shatter upon impact, so it’s important to be extra careful when handling them. 

Choice of Shapes and Colors 

Since glass is meant to appear transparent, color choices tend to be limited. Intricate shapes made of glass are attractive but may cost significantly more unless they are ordered in bulk. Customers who want to get creative with their awards will find that acrylic materials offer more flexibility. 

Overall Look and Display 

Corporate awards meant to be displayed in an office environment will look better in glass, particularly if they are given for a significant achievement such as employee of the year. The refractive qualities of glass and its superior version, crystal, make them appear more valuable. If the awards will be placed on a shelf, table, or fireplace mantle where sunlight will illuminate them, glass and crystal are the better choice. 

Personality of the Awardee 

An athlete or star student who is bound to accumulate awards will find acrylic easier to pack or move around without having to worry about breaking them. However, some awardees may not get too excited about acrylic awards. For example, fashion designers, stylists, and other professionals for whom aesthetics is a way of life will likely prefer glass and crystal pieces. 

Repair & Maintenance Issues 

With acrylic awards, damage is mostly limited to stains and scratches that can be repaired and polished. Glass awards are easy to clean, but their fragility does not leave too many repair options if they crack, break, or shatter. Although both glass and acrylic awards can be easily cleaned, the former will always look shinier than the latter.

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