Best Choices for Words to Engrave on a Trophy

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What to Engrave on a Trophy in San Diego, CA

Trophies have long been used as both awards for achievement and symbols of completion, and they have significantly more aesthetic value than diplomas or other pieces of paper proving one’s credentials. While it can be easy to decide to give someone a personalized trophy, the decision about what to engrave on that trophy is another matter entirely. When it comes to expertise in trophy engraving, San Diego residents can trust Gold Medallion Awards and take advantage of our years of experience to craft their messages. Here, we address the question of what to leave out and provide a handful of suggestions for what works well.

Inside Jokes

This approach should be left for trophies commissioned for a specific individual. If you’re honoring someone, either in jest or total sincerity, you may want to carve those feelings of amity into a physical item. Such a trophy would serve as a constant reminder of the good memories the recipient may have of you and the others who commission the trophy, and the fact that you’re giving a person something that is one of a kind may work wonders for his or her attitude and self-worth. You have a lot of flexibility with this approach. The engraving could be a nickname or a commendation for something unique about the person receiving the trophy.

For example, a colleague who is known for being the first to arrive to work and the last to leave might develop a reputation for living at his or her job. If the colleague is receptive to occasional ribbing about the disparity in his or her work-home balance, his or her friends might commission a trophy engraved with the message “To the World’s Most Well-Dressed Homeless Person” as a playful comment on how their colleague’s constant working allows him or her to afford stylish clothes he or she only seems to wear at work.

An Inspirational Quote

We remember many famous and notable people for their sayings, expressions, and insight into a variety of matters. If you plan to have a quote engraved into a trophy, it’s best to choose a phrase or expression that encapsulates the recipient’s actions or beliefs or represents the person’s specific achievement or accomplishment that merited receiving a trophy. If nothing else, you can always go with a suitable line from the recipient’s favorite book or author.


Stat blocks can be useful when you don’t have the time to individualize every trophy to be distributed to individuals in a large group, such as members of a sports team. In those cases, its best to keep the engraving down to the essentials. Information such as the team name, the year the competition or event was held, and other general details are all suitable choices for this sort of group trophy.

It’s always rewarding to receive recognition for your hard work and triumphs, and trophies are a uniquely tangible way to show appreciation for colleagues and teammates. The right words and phrasing can make all the difference, so make sure to take extra care when you choose what will be engraved on the award. Whether they’re giving out sports trophies or award plaques, San Diego businesses and groups have an experienced partner who’ll craft the perfect message that will have lasting impact. Drop by or call Gold Medallion Awards today at 858-279-4970.