Affordable Award Trophies for All Events

Affordable Award Trophies for All Events

Everyone loves getting trophies; trophies represent success and victory and although they have little daily use, they are something to showcase and be proud of. Many times, however, a trophy can be expensive and thus hard to give. At Gold Medallion Awards, we provide discount trophies that look great while staying under budget.

A great way to save money on a trophy is to buy one that is small. A trophy does not have to be big; many people understand that it is what a trophy represents, not how big it is, that is important. A great way to have a quality trophy that is at a discount price is to get a small trophy but engrave the persons name in it thus making it more special to a person. This method will garner as much appreciation as a big trophy that does not come engraved with ones name.

Everybody likes to see their name in lights; with athletes, the sight of ones name glittering from a trophy is like seeing their name in lights. Save yourself some money by investing in smaller size trophies with custom name engravings.

Cheap Trophies on a Budget 

Recognizing an achievement does not have to be expensive. There are many cheap trophies one can choose that look as great as any trophy. At Gold Medallion Awards, we help our clients choose quality awards that meet their needs and their budget. No matter what the occasion or event, we have an affordable award that will showcase success. A few of the award trophies we have on stock include:

  • Baseball trophies
  • Volleyball trophies
  • Hockey trophies
  • Basketball trophies
  • Medals
  • Martial arts awards
  • Ribbons
  • Cup trophies
  • Military and Corporate awards

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