Quality Wall Plaques for Every Occasion

Quality Wall Plaques for Every Occasion

By having an award on display, one showcases an achievement and the pride behind that accomplishment. Doctors showcase their diplomas and achievements on display in their offices and athletes display their trophies on display in home stadiums so why should individuals do the same with their big achievements. At Gold Medallion Awards, we specialize at providing quality wall plaques that can be hung, placed and showcased in any room. Our wide award collection features plaques for all occasions such as Perpetual Plaques, Military Plaques, and Sports Plaques. 

No matter what the achievement or accomplishment, one deserves the chance to be proud of that success and there is no better way to do that than by having a quality plaque. Plaques encapsulate the triumph of a victory and stands on display as a symbol of that achievement.

Personalize an Award with Engraved Plaques

Turn your special achievement into something that can be displayed today by investing in a quality plaque. Not all plaques, however, are the same. A plaque shouldn’t be a piece of wood and metal with a few corny words that anyone can get. A plaque should be a symbol of recognition that is specific to an individual and as such should be tailored for that individual. At Gold Medallion Awards, we feature plaques that come in a wide array of shapes, colors, sizes, designs and finishes. Our awards can be further customized and personalized with our line of engraved plaques.

Engraving a plaque gives it a touch of individuality and uniqueness, making an award truly specific to a person. Give someone a one-of-a-kind award today by choosing an engraved plaque where you get to choose your own background photo and inscription. To learn more about the complete award collection at GM Awards, call us toll free at (888) 279-4970.