crystal awards

Crystal Awards

Wide Selection of Beautiful Crystal Awards. At Gold Medallion Awards, we offer a huge selection of quality crystal awards in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Glass and crystal awards are the perfect way to recognize an achievement for all types of organizations. As the industry’s premier retailer of crystal awards, we are committed to providing exceptional customer service and helping you to choose the best award that meet your needs and budget. Our clients enjoy free engraving and logo placement with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Products in Crystal Awards

9" Crystal Golf Tablet
Base Price $126.00
Large and Impressive Crystal Obelisk
Base Price $126.00
CRY026L Crystal with Golf Ball
Base Price $130.00
Crystal Tower
Base Price $133.35
Crystal Star Top
Base Price $134.00
CRY008G Crystal Golf Ball
Base Price $135.00
10.75" Clear Crystal Golf/Wave on a Black Base
Base Price $144.00
CRY034S Crystal with Black Edge
Base Price $144.50
CRY534S Crystal with Blue Edge
Base Price $144.50
C 812M Prestige Summit Medium
Base Price $145.00
K9090 Crystal Obelisk with Prism-Effect
Base Price $147.00
Crystal Star Column free standing
Base Price $149.00
C 365S Supreme Star
Base Price $150.00
C366 Crystal Star Award
Base Price $150.00
C366BL Crystal Star Blue
Base Price $150.00
C366YW Crystal Star Yellow
Base Price $150.00
Crystal 13" Basketball Ball
Base Price $150.00
Crystal 13.75" Football Ball
Base Price $150.00
Crystal Soccer Ball
Base Price $150.00
10 inch Clear Crystal Faceted Rising Spire with Black Base
Base Price $156.00
CRY003 Crystal Obelisk
Base Price $156.00
C534 Crystal Tower Globe
Base Price $156.25
CRY033 Crystal Black Facet Obelisk
Base Price $157.50
CRY046  Crystal Globe
Base Price $158.00
CRY019 Crystal Oval Facet
Base Price $159.50
CRY045 Crystal Carved Eagle on Black Base 7 inch
Base Price $161.25
 "New"  Crystal 5 Rising Diamonds on Black Base
Base Price $165.00
C 365M Supreme Star
Base Price $165.00
C213 Crystal Tower
Base Price $165.00
CRY318 Crystal Globe Dome on Black Base
Base Price $168.00
CRY533 Crystal Blue Facet Obelisk
Base Price $171.00
C 812L Prestige Summit -Large
Base Price $175.00
CRY74 Crystal 12" Tower
Base Price $175.00
C 365L Supreme Star
Base Price $180.00
CRY043 Crystal Flame with black base
Base Price $182.00
CRY6302  Clear Crystal Cup with Black Pedestal Base
Base Price $186.00
CRY010 Crystal Star Column
Base Price $190.00
New 11 1/2 inch Gold Metal Art Crystal Award
Base Price $199.00
New 11 1/2 inch Silver Metal Art Crystal Award
Base Price $199.00
Crystal Flame
Base Price $216.00
C924S Crystal Executive Diamond Award
Base Price $225.00